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Updated: Nov 2, 2018

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Optavia Fuelings - Causing Illness

Optavia Products and/or Diet Plans Cause Illness An 11-year veteran coach states that gut issues, and severe gut issues are common. Additional admissions from other reps describe similar and more seve

Optavia Fuelings - Toxic Metals

Optavia Weight Loss Products (Fuelings) Contain Toxic Metals Like Lead And Cadmium 85% of Optavia product samples tested positive for toxins like lead and cadmium. Optavia product samples, on average,


Certain videos on this website are fictionalized summaries of aspects of an investigation conducted by Gotham City Research LLC, a short biased periodic journal that regularly posts news and analyses of publicly traded companies.  The videos are intended to increase awareness of problems Gotham identified with alleged diet/health products produced by Optavia, which is owned by Medifast.  If you would like additional information or to read what Gotham learned and what it thinks, please visit, and read our full report titled: Medifast (NASDAQ: MED): Like Lumber Liquidators, But With Undisclosed Toxic Metals, and a Supply Chain Twist.  Because we are not insiders of the companies that are the subject of these videos, we cannot assure you that all of our factual claims and conclusions are correct, and so we urge you to do your own research and investigation before deciding whether to use Optavia.  Gotham believes the stock price of Medifast does not reflect the shares' true value and is too high. You should assume that as of the publication date of these videos, GOTHAM stands to profit in the event the issuer’s stock declines.